Minimum Frec 3 living locally to Liverpool to cover Construction for filming a popular repeat Series. This great opportunity will run Monday to Friday from 27th June to the 9th September. Please apply with CV in the first instance to If you have the skills and live locally, we would love to hear from you.

Premier Medics Ltd are recruiting


With a Covid cases on the increase and the continued requirement for Covid supervision in productions we are recruiting!

We are looking for proactive, friendly, professional crew with excellent communication and organisational skills and who are familiar with managing testing schedules, procurement and the drawing up and overseeing of Covid Risk Management Protocols.

Please email your interest and CV to

Freelance Paramedics

We are recruiting now, UK wide for Freelance Paramedics. Long Running shoots available!


  • Advanced Practitioners - ECPs, ANPs & ACPs working in acute care in an emergency setting.

  • Paramedics – With at least a year post qualification, with Remote/ Independent practice experience. We would expect our Paramedics to be able to see and treat in any location.

  • Nurses and qualified First Aiders with Hands on, practical experience.


Please apply in the first instance to

What to expect from working Film and TV shoots

Working on TV sets or on Location is normally a long day.  Typically, you would be working on your own, or with another team member on 10 or 12 hour shifts. As a film unit Medic you would be expected to make sure that medical help is on hand, immediately, if there is an accident or other medical emergency.  This could be anything from a minor incident to something more serious as a result of a ‘stunt’ or other ‘risky’ filming experience. However, the day to day well being of the crew is also part of the role whether it be ‘arrival screening’ following COVID risk assessment protocols or administering paracetamol or plasters.

Your working day will not all be exciting moments, mixing with actors, It is generally a slow process, so it will involve being fully engaged throughout the day, always paying attention and making yourself useful.  It will NOT be collecting autographs and posting on social media. The impression you make whilst working with cast and crew will be very important if you want to be asked back again.  In other words, your promptness, professionalism, willingness to be helpful and ‘go the extra mile’ will be your own advert.

Something to consider with Film work is its slightly unpredictable nature, Long days, potential overruns, changes in location do happen so if you cannot be flexible or you are not comfortable with navigation then this is probably not the career for you.