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With job descriptions already being long enough for existing Production Team members, the burden of Covid Risk Management responsibilities is often proving to be one that needs fresh shoulders to carry it….and who knows infection control better than Health Care Professionals?  Long before Covid reared it’s ugly, easily transmissible head medics have been practicing extra measures to limit the spread of countless other nasties and have a deep understanding of how to mitigate risk and limit distribution. We are perfectly placed to help in a number of roles to ensure that your crew is kept as Covid Safe as possible.

Covid Manager/Co-ordinator

Our crew work with you from Pre-production through to the end of your shoot. Whether from home, the office or on set, their main responsibilities can include (but are not limited to) the drawing up of testing schedules; liaising with labs; ordering tests; co-ordinating testing and results of crew/talent; working with H&S to advise on Covid Risk Management Protocols; ordering and distribution of PPE.

By handing all things over to a Covid Manager/Co-ordinator it frees up the existing Production Team to do their jobs and puts it in the hands of a dedicated person with a sole focus – keeping your Production Covid safe.



Covid Supervisors

These are the “boots on the ground” helping the producer and/or H&S consultant to implement, monitor, record and maintain Covid related measures that are identified in risk assessments and protocols.

ON SET - As the “go to” person on set for everyone involved the Covid Supervisor is a great point of contact for a Covid Manager or PM. Not only do they oversee the implementation of the Covid Risk Management Protocols but they are also on hand to deliver crew briefings; monitor cleaning regimes; wipe down touch points; distribute PPE and ensure it’s correct use; oversee any on site testing that is required; ensure proper signage is in place and generally facilitate the requirements set out by you.


ON RECCE – A Premier Medics Covid Supervisor is available to accompany Production and H&S on location/studio recces and to advise on all Covid related matters. By doing so they are able to identify potential issues and also put forward suitable solutions or suggestions and by liaising with staff at the proposed location, the CS can address all areas for consideration and provide Production with a detailed report to work from.


Covid Assistants

Answerable to the Covid Supervisor, Premier Medics Covid Assistants work on set to help the Covid Supervisor achieve success in the implementation of your Covid Risk Management Protocols. This offers a more cost effective option and enables Production to provide a team dedicated to ensuring the Covid safety of a shoot.

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